Total DAI Rewards Paid: $

Total MNWL Burned: MNWL


Total DAI Rewards Paid: $

Total MNWL Burned: MNWL

The Reinvention of Passive Income, Generating Yield with Infinite Interest

Certificate Of Deposit on Binance Smart Chain. Audited by Certik.
Holders Earn Passive Rewards in DAI (USD Stablecoin) every Hour, Forever.
Deflationary Tokenomics (2-Tier burn system + Auto locked Liquidity).
87% of Total Supply of Tokens out of Circulation Forever.
Tokens in Dev/Team Wallet 100% Burned (Ownership being Renounced when SAFU).

How To Buy MoonWilly

Step 1

Add BSC Network to Metamask

Step 2

Add MNWL and DAI Token Address to Metamask

Step 3

Use App To Buy MNWL

Official Moonwilly Music Video Podcast

Short Brief About Our Memecoin

Token Burn

33% of the token supply will be sacrificed (BURNED) in honour of Vitalik Buterin, following in the footsteps of Shiba Inu, as a gesture of peace and ensuring a fair distribution from the very start.

Liquidity Pool

50% of the token supply was immediately added to Pancakeswap LP pair of MoonWilly token / BNB then locked for three months. This ensures there is no way to remove any liquidity from the Pancakeswap pool, therefore, removing any possibility of initial liquidity drawdown by the devs.

Smart Contract Audit Results

The security state of our smart contract is rated as “Well Secured”! The Audit was conducted by Certik. View the audit report here. View the audit report here.

Six Aspects of MoonWilly

Community Driven

The Dev team has locked LP tokens for 6 months and will participate fairly with the community. The protocol has a governance feature enabling community members to vote on proposals. Contract ownership will be locked and no modification will be possible.

Auto Burn

• 1% tax of every transaction will go to directly a Burn wallet address, otherwise known as the Black-Hole. The Burn wallet address will be blacklisted from getting DAI rewards.

Passive Yield and LP generation

8% of every transaction is redistributed towards holders in the form of DAI (USD).  DAI is a stablecoin cryptocurrency which aims to keep its value as close to one USD as possible through an automated system of smart contracts. Why did we select DAI? Holders won’t need to be concerned about regulators freezing their assets or being blacklisted. This is not true for USDC, USDT, and BUSD.

A Minimum of 10,000 MoonWilly tokens are needed to receive rewards. You don’t need to claim your earned DAI. It will be sent automatically to your wallet every 60 minutes during high volume. During lower volume, it can take longer, but will always send automatically within a few hours.

What Triggers the DAI rewards?

The contract saves fees on every transaction. Once the contract token balance reaches a swap limit of 200K MNWL, then it automatically swaps MNWL => BNB => DAI. Accounts are paid in chronological sequence. If all qualified accounts do not get paid in one round, then the unpaid accounts are paid in continuation via the following round in chronological sequence.

Liquidity Generation

3% of every transaction is automatically transformed into Locked Liquidity (LP tokens) on Pancakeswap, moreover consistently increasing the price floor.

MoonWilly Ecosystem & Charity Treasury

3% of each transaction funds the MoonWilly Treasury. These proceeds cover the costs of marketing, continuous development, charitable donations, business operations, and start-up costs, allowing for rapid growth and moving MoonWilly ever closer to reaching mass adoption.


Sells are restricted to less than 0.1% of the total supply + an extra 3% fee is applied to all sells. This will allow us to reduce swing trading and break whales control. The 3% additional tax per sell is broken down as follows:
• 1% towards marketing: thanks for helping us spread the word about our project
• 1% towards the liquidity pool
• 1% Burn wallet address (MoonWilly tokens)

Why Get Involved With Moon Willy

Fair Launch

No IDO, No Presale, No Team tokens. Team fully funded the project and provided the liquidity themselves for PancakeSwap Listing. Team Participated in the fair launch.

No Dev Wallets

All tokens in dev wallet were burned. Devs do not hold a significant amount of tokens that could potentially be market sold on holders.


Voting and governance features were implemented into the contract. Essential in running a community driven project.

Locked Liquidity

Unruggable, all LP tokens LOCKED for 6 months as a safety measure in the event that Pancakeswap is upgraded to V3, MoonWilly will not be stuck on V2 forever.

Token Burn

0 tokens, later adjusted.

Contract Audit

Contract Audited by Rug Certik


  • 8% Marketing
  • 4% Team Tokens
  • 33% Black Hole
  • 50% Liquidity
  • 5% Bounties & Airdrops

Total number of tokens: 1,000,000,000

Marketing tokens 80,000,000

Bounties & Airdrops tokens 50,000,000

Team tokens 40,000,000 (All Burned!)

Burn reserve tokens 330,000,000 (All Burn)

Liquidity tokens 500,000,000 Locked, 6 months

Official MoonWilly Roadmap 2021



Increasing Market Share

Heavy focus on increasing Market Share through promotional campaigns (community development, paid promotions, blog sites, articles, airdrops, AMA’s with crypto communities etc).


Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing across Social Media platforms (YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Medium, Telegram, Discord, Reddit, 4chan).


Number 1 Featured Coin

Strive to become Number 1 Featured Coin across a variety of platforms (Nomics, LiveCoinWatch, CoinSniper, CoinToplist, CoinMooner, GemHunters, CoinGems, GemFinder, CryptoGuidet, DeltaApp, and more..).


Community Growth

6 month Community Growth and Marketing Calendar.



MoonWilly Litepaper.


Website V2

MoonWilly Website — Version 2 release.


Podcast Growth

MoonWilly Podcast on 14 separate Podcast platforms.— Grow MoonWilly. podcast listener base to 1000 listeners on Spotify. Consistent Daily Growth. Expand through AMA and Interviews with other crypto projects.


MoonWilly Swap

MoonWilly Swap — Further integrated with Rewards Dashboard.


Consistent Increase of Holders

Consistent Increase of Holders — Currently 23K. Milestones: 25K Holders, 50K Holders, 75K Holders, 100K Holders


Unveil Secret Strategic Partnership

Unveil Secret Strategic Partnership — Which will Introduce additional $MNWL UseCases for MoonWilly



DeFi NFTs Launch Phase 1



Expand MoonWilly Team

Expand MoonWilly Team — SEO Professionals & Developers (Backend, Frontend, Software, Automation)



Continuation of Phase 1

Continuation of Phase 1 Promotional Strategies with additional Aggression in order for Mass Adoption




Further Partnerships with various Crypto Projects & Influencers


Consistent Increase of Holders

Consistent Increase of Holders — Currently 23K. Milestones: 25K Holders, 50K Holders, 75K Holders, 100K Holders


Additional payment methods

Accept additional payment methods (BNB/MNWL) — Apple, Credit Card etc.


MoonWilly Wallet

MoonWilly Wallet — Mobile App alongside NFT capabilities.



DeFi NFTs Launch Phase 2 (Desktop and Mobile)


Chrome Extension APP

Chrome Extension APP (Integrated with MetaMask & Trust Wallet APP)



NFT Marketplace

Decentralized NFT Marketplace


True Price Discovery

True Price Discovery (NFTs)


Merch Store

MoonWilly Merch Store



Central Exchange

Central Exchange Listing


Launch Secret APP

Launch Secret APP — Additional $MNWL UseCase

How To Buy MoonWilly on PancakeSwap V2

Step 1

Download MetaMask or use an existing wallet
Go to and download their wallet to your Smart Phone or Chrome/Firefox/Brave browser.
($MOONWILLY coins will be safely stored in Metamask wallet)

In Metamask, go to Settings –> Networks –> Add Network

And put in this information:

Network Name: Smart Chain
Chain ID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:
Network Name: Smart Chain

Step 2

Go to PancakeSwap
PancakeSwap is where you’ll be performing the swap of your current tokens to $MNWL
(Make sure you have already purchased enough BNB for your purchase)

Step 3

When you are in Pancake Swap, navigate to the trade screen
Click “Connect” at the top right of the screen, and then navigate to “Trade” and “Exchange” on the left sidebar.

Step 4

Now that you’re in the Pancake Swap exchange window, we’re going to need to search for and then select the $MOONWILLY token.

Click on the “Select a Currency” button, and then enter the $MNWL token contract which will be shared

You should see MNWL in the drop-down list:


Step 5

To make sure the transaction goes through, adjust your slippage to 16% minumum
Click “Settings” at the top right, and adjust your slippage to 16 minimum  (dependent on demand).

Step 6

You are now ready to trade $MNWL

Simply enter the amount that you want to buy and click on SWAP!

(Important: Remember the transaction gas fees, which is usually around 20 cents, so it’s helpful to always keep at least a few dollars in BNB at all times.)

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